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Remember Where You've Come From

Every so often, I try to provide a basic update regarding the the touchstones of Mere Pursuit's progress.

For a more detailed exploration, join the Mere Pursuit Facebook group.


April 23

I'm hoping to launch my 1st of 3 novellas for The Empyrean Call: Isaac's Story soon. To get notified, go to

March 30

It's been a long time coming, but as the Facebook group is already aware, I've been working hard and fast on The Calling for almost 3 years. Having finally figured out how to produce meeples and cubes myself in a quality that I believe to be solid and now in the process of ordering all my parts for the proof copy of The Calling, progress is finally being made.


December 25

Though, I haven't provided many updates this year, I've been hard at work developing the website and working to increase my offerings.

September 17

Plans for bringing Empyrean Hero | Isaac's Calling, the first in the novelette trilogy, to the light of day are in the making. Artwork for Empyrean Hero | The Calling is underway. The Calling is a solo rogue-light dungeon escape game (not be mistaken with an escape room style game).

July 14

All copies of The Market | A Pocket Game have been shipped.

July 2

The Market | A Pocket Game is fully funded.

May 6

The Market | A Pocket Game hits Kickstarter on Tuesday May 11 at 12:30pm Eastern time. Sign up to follow the Launch at:

January 27

All backed copies of Empyrean Hero | The Card Game were shipped several weeks ago. All copies but one have been officially delivered.

January 7

Empyrean Hero | The Card Game copies have almost all been sent with only a few remaining. The website has been finalized and is to be published



Anthem Creations was founded.


September 27

The Purview was created within the past couple weeks as a means of sharing our thoughts and random musing regarding the gaming world...and other stuff.


Dec ember 31

Successfully funded the 1st of 3 novellas for The Empyrean Call: Isaac's Story soon. To get notified, go to



Kickstarter launch for The Market + The Upgrades failed. Relaunched with success.



Work on Empyrean Hero | The Card Game began.

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